5 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Current Technology

The ability to manage and secure employee devices, wherever they are, is fundamental to any workplace strategy in today’s work-from-anywhere world. With the arrival of Unified Endpoint Management, the necessary tools have been put into place to manage the entire technology fleet via a single platform. Yet many organizations haven’t been using them anywhere their full potential and you might be one of them. Discover below how to get more out of your existing technology. 

The COVID-19 crisis has forced billions of organizations around the world to adapt to a remote working model. As a result, employees now not only connect to the corporate network using their PCs in the office, but also at home using laptops and smartphones. The ability to work anywhere and on any device empowers employees to work flexibly and more productively but makes it more difficult for the IT team to keep track of who is accessing corporate data and on which devices. An evolution that calls for more efficient device-management strategies.

As the European Mobile and Remote Working Survey shows, the integration of Unified Endpoint Management Solutions, allowing organizations to manage their entire technology fleet using one platform, is happening but slowly. Of those that have deployed a UEM platform, most aren’t maximizing the return on investment, even though the COVID-19 crisis has pushed the need for the right technology up the agenda.

Can you too use a helping hand in developing a future-proof remote working strategy? The following 5 tips will get you started!


1. Adopt a UEM platform

The remote working transformation has drastically increased the challenges for IT teams. There’s more data, applications and devices to manage, plus cybercriminals are getting stealthier, opening companies up to potentially dangerous security gaps. Or not? The answer lies in Unified Endpoint Management. Configuring, managing, controlling and securing all types of devices with just one click, check!


2. Perform a health check on your existing UEM technology

Even if you’re already using UEM technology, there’s always room for improvement. Perform a health check to identify quick-win areas for immediate improvement, including opportunities to manage more device types or activate additional features. For example, using device lifecycle management features such as onboarding or retiring, can result in lower IT overheads, increased productivity and an enhanced user experience.


3. Look into the possibility of a bring your own device model

Corporate ownership models are still heavily preferred even though the benefits of a Bring Your Own Device approach include attractive cost savings and an enhanced user experience. The benefits appear to be more than offset by the perceived challenges, such as the security of corporate data, the privacy of employees and the ability of organizations to support such a wide range of devices. Yet Unified Endpoint Management solutions seem to tackle them all by enabling the effective separation, management and security of corporate from personal data and apps without compromising employee privacy. Worth a try, no?


4. Adopt a persona-based approach to identify the right device types

From a management and support perspective a single device strategy may seem attractive. Yet, the negative consequences for the employee experience and productivity will outweigh this positive impact. Adopt a needs-based approach to identify the right device types for your employees while also taking into consideration the work location, connectivity requirements, longevity and lifecycle management.


5. Consider a third-party provider to manage your devices

Even though the size, activities and sector may differ, the organization and support of the workplace is a generic given. The message is clear: team up with an external partner who has made the management of the modern workplace their day-to-day mission. With mobco workplace, mobco takes traditional device management even a step further. With one mouse click, your employees can not only purchase the corporate tools they want to work with, but we also take care of the management, security and repair of the ordered devices, you can follow along via a simple dashboard. In short, all you must do to secure a future-proof modern workplace strategy is defining a budget and choosing the available devices per function and positions. Efficient, right?