3 Tips To Use Technology To Improve Employee Experience

The concept of employee experience has become ubiquitous when it comes to discussions about the modern workplace. When being ignored, employee experience might even cause an organizational downfall. But no need to worry. With the following three tips from our CEO, Ulrik Van Schepdael, you’ll develop a sustainable digital workplace strategy in no time!

Remote working has become the new reality, a development that calls for an upgrade of the workplace, as the figures also show. According to the European Mobile & Remote Working Survey, 72% of the organizations that didn’t have a digital workplace strategy in place, had to heavily invest in upgrading or replacing their current technology fleet.

While this investment is certainly a step in the right direction, there is still a lot of work to be done. To maintain their digital progress, organizations must move from making process-focused technology choices to making people-focused ones, in short putting employee experience at the heart of their digital strategy. But what does it take to deliver a kick-ass employee experience?


1. Implement employee experience-centered technologies

That technology is a major part of today’s employee experience is no longer a secret. But your employees are people, not bots. The human touch is just as important as the latest software. Invest in and implement employee experience-centered technologies such as conditional access for secure and user-friendly authentication, solutions that stabilize network connections or reduce bandwidth demands and device enrolment programs to simplify the rollout process of devices and you’ll quickly notice the positive impact on your employees’ happiness, engagement and productivity!


2. Adopt a persona-based approach to device choice

A single device strategy may seem attractive from a management and support perspective, however, in a typical mixed use-case environment, the negative consequences will outweigh the positive impact on employee productivity and experience. The way forward? A persona-based approach to identify the right device types for employees based on their position and needs.


3. Bring it all together in the mobco workplace portal

A sustainable digital workplace strategy and employee experience go hand in hand, that’s clear by now. But how exactly to facilitate the roll-out of a future-proof modern workplace, we hear you think. The answer is simple. mobco workplace, a solution that covers the entire workplace lifecycle, allows your employees to shop the corporate tools they would like to work with. All you must do is make a choice in budget and available devices per position and function. To make the employee experience complete, the ordered devices come preconfigured and will be shipped to their home. But also managing, securing and repairing the chosen devices was never easier via this easy and secured dashboard.


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