The Three Pillars Of The Workplace Of Tomorrow

The pandemic accelerated the trend of flexible and remote working, a trend that calls for a fundamental transformation of the current workplace strategy. But what does this new workplace look like? What infrastructure do you need? And how do you make the switch quickly and efficiently?

The traditional workplace, a fixed office with a permanent physical presence, has been replaced by the modern workplace. In this context, modern means a hybrid working environment in which we work independently of time and place. In order to operate successfully in this brave new world of work, a digital workplace strategy that facilitates, supports and promotes this new way of working is needed. Although developing a new workplace strategy may sound like a daunting task, it actually comes down to applying a few simple principles.


1. Enable employee choice

In the modern workplace flexibility stands high on the agenda. Employees want flexible working hours, the possibility to work outside the office – preferably at home – and the choice between different devices. In short, employees want to be able to make their own choices according to their capacity, level and preference. If you invest in freedom of choice for your employees, you will see a considerable increase in commitment, satisfaction and productivity.


2. Secure your corporate data

The security of company data is an important consideration when introducing new ways of working which, like the modern workplace, rely on innovative, cloud-based technologies. A traditional VPN solution is fine on a fully protected company computer, but fails on smartphones, tablets and computers that can also be used privately. New, simple systems offer much better security and increase ease of use.


3. Choose efficiency and save on operational expenses

Although the job content can differ greatly from business to business and from function to function, the organisation of the workplace is a generic given. The message here is to make as much use as possible of external partners who have made the management of the modern workplace their day-to-day mission. That way, you not only use your own resources more efficiently, but you also gain expertise and quality at a fraction of the original cost.

With mobco workplace, you no longer need to take care of the roll-out and support of the modern workplace. Your employees can now – all by themselves – buy the corporate tools they want to work with. We deliver the devices pre-configured and ready to use at their home. But that’s not all, we also take care of the management, security and repair of the devices and you can monitor them via a simple dashboard. In short, all you have to do is make a choice in budget and available devices per position and function. We are taking care of the rest.

Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO mobco: “Just like company cars, a well thought-through modern workplace strategy is a crucial part of every company. However, the question arises whether the roll-out of the modern workplace should really be part of their core activities. With our mobco workplace portal, we relieve our customers of this burden, allowing them to focus on their core business without losing control of their workplace.”